Gabion net, also called stone net, is a type of metal net made of galvanized wire. To make this net, galvanized wires are woven in such a way that they are woven into hexagonal springs and both strands of wire are tied together in three consecutive screws. This type of metal mesh, which looks like a bird net due to hexagonal springs, is produced and marketed in different types. The use of gabion net varies based on technical specifications such as roll dimensions, wire size and type of spring texture, and to buy it, we must pay attention to these points. It is clear that the price of gabion net also varies based on its types and technical specifications. In the following, we will explain more about gabion netting and the price of gabion net, as well as tips on buying gabion net.

This metal mesh acts as a fence in general use for fencing; And in specialized uses, it can play a key role in road construction and development projects. They are filled with stones and pebbles and are used as a retaining wall to restrain stone walls or landslide-prone walls along roadsides and rivers, an application that has led to the name Gabion on Insert this product. The word gabion, which has its roots in Italian, means a large container, and in industry it means any metal fence that is filled with materials such as stone and pebbles. Therefore, in Iran, this type of net is also called stone net. Called. By filling these nets with stone and putting them together, large structures are formed that have various uses, and economically, gabion structures are much cheaper than similar structures. We produce this durable net in the city of wire from a height of 1 to 4 meters, wire 2, 2.5 and 3 mm and from springs of 6 × 5 and 10 × 8, depending on the type of your request.

Technical specifications of Gabion net and its impact on price

As you know, gabion netting, like most wire mesh nets, is made of galvanized wire and has a spring. And the technical specifications that it has will have a significant impact on the price of this product.

The type of wire that forms the stone mesh is hot galvanized or galvanized wire with pvc coating. It is not uncommon to use this coating to increase its durability and longevity.

The size of the glasses that make up the stone grid, which are hexagonal, is 8 * 8, 8 * 10, 10 * 12, 5 * 6 (for small stones) cm.

Its height is 1 to 4 meters

The weight of each roll is 150 to 700 kg and each roll is normally 40 to 50 meters.

It should be noted that the length and width of the wire can be changed according to the customer's order.

Buy price of gabion net (stone)

Compared to other such products with similar applications, the price of gabion net is more reasonable. The same factor has led to its wider use and has made it very popular among consumers.

Factors that affect the price of gabion net are its technical specifications, which we described earlier. So that the heavier it is, the higher its price will be.

Stone mesh produced in the city of wire, in different sizes, with high flexibility and durability and resistant to high humidity and pressure. Of course, it should be mentioned that you can buy gabion net with the most suitable price and the best quality from the city of wire. For more information about the price of stone netting, please call 54483-021

Buy and sell gabion netting

The purchase of gabion net is numerous due to its cost-effectiveness and abundant use. This product is very useful due to its structural and non-structural role and is therefore very common. Before buying this product, you should do the necessary research about the place where the stone net is used and how to use it, and then buy the product you want in accordance with it and its specifications and technical features. In the next section, an example of the applications of this product is given.

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Stone Lace

1. In engineering activities, to prevent erosion and protect riverside and coast against water floods

2. Reduction of energy and water flow pressure on weak structures

3. Temporary sealing wall or retaining wall

4. Separation of sludge and sludge from surface water runoff

5. Application in small or temporary dams

6. In road construction and prevention of falling and drifting rocks and soil on the road

7. Military applications and landscaping and green space for water fountain and stone decoration

8. Cover underground pipes to prevent decay

9. Strengthen loose buildings



Gabion net, also called stone net, is a type of metal net made of galvanized wire. To make this net,..

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