Lace is a widely used type of net that is very similar to the bird net and gabion net in terms of appearance, texture and shape of the springs. Fountains are shaped like a bird net and a hexagonal gabion, also called a honeycomb. But in terms of wire diameter, it is larger than a bird net and smaller than a gabion net. This product in terms of wire material in two types; Hot-dip galvanized wire and cold-dip galvanized wire are available in the market. Its cold type (mostly made in China) has a lower price and quality than its hot type due to its lower resistance and durability against oxidation and corrosion. It should be noted that due to the high use of this product in open spaces and exposure to moisture and sun, the use of hot type of this product is recommended. In the following, we will explain more about the use of chicken nets and the price of chicken nets. Also, to buy a net from the city of wire, you can call the sales consultants of Qahramani wire industry by calling 33262711-017 and 33262710-017.

History of using lace
Preservation of agricultural lands and defining its boundaries has been common among the people since ancient times. People first fenced off their land using shrubs. Although they were able to define their land area, this type of fencing did not have the proper strength and security, so as technology expanded, many innovations by industry in this area. And it is done by different people, from fences and gabions to lace and…. Over time, they were able to solve many problems.

Types of lace and its price
Hot-dip galvanized mesh
Hot-dip galvanized lace is often Iranian and of high quality and durability. Due to the high use of this product in open spaces and exposure to moisture and sun, it must have high strength and durability, which the hot type of this net has this feature.

This type of net is offered in different dimensions, height, thickness and springs. Its thickness starts from 0.85 and continues up to 2 cm and its length reaches about 20 meters. This net is produced in the form of rolls or niches. The hexagonal springs of this net are woven in two sizes (one and a half inches), four centimeters and (two inches) five centimeters.

Cold galvanized mesh
The cold type of this product, due to its lower strength and durability against oxidation and corrosion, has a lower price and quality than its hot type.


Specifications of lace and its impact on price
This type of net is sold in rolls. Each roll has a length of 20 meters and widths of 120, 150 or 180 centimeters. Dimensions of fountains Hexagonal mesh is produced in two sizes of 5 cm and 4 cm, that the smaller the tool, the more wire is used to make it, so its weight and price increase.

What are the benefits of lace?

Despite its beauty, it has high strength and durability. Also, its price is more economical than other similar cases and its efficiency is better and more.
For fencing, the use of this fence is usually very popular. And the demand for this type of net is higher by customers.
Available in two types of large springs and small springs in the market. So according to your needs, you can prepare any you want.
Follows the standard size.
Another superior advantage of lace is that it has a high resistance to moisture.

Buy lace
The purchase of lace has increased due to its many benefits and applications. Its advantages include hot and cold galvanized wire coating, easy installation and quick implementation without the need for special skills or expertise, the size and texture of the springs that prevent the entry of banana animals, and at the same time in case of fire. It can not be mentioned from the entry of water that these advantages have led to the widespread and widespread use of lace and its various applications.

To buy lace, like other laces, the order, volume, customer choice and type of consumption for general, production and industrial uses, as well as its
technical specifications must be considered.


Application of lace
 The use of lace can include the following:

- Creating a fence for poultry and birds

Fencing sports complexes, gardens and orchards

_ In industry and construction for the roof of sheds

- The strength of the walls against destruction or fall, etc.

_ Creating protection to prevent materials and equipment from falling

_ Roof of sheds

Sale price of lace
The price of netting in the market is determined based on the type and thickness of the wire, its height, length and width, the size of the mesh springs, the weight of the niche and the number of orders. The bulk purchase of this product compared to the partial purchase will certainly affect its pricing. The production and supply of this net is in the form of an arch or roll, and depending on the weight of the roll or arch, the size of the spring, the type of galvanized net (hot or cold) and the size of the spring can be of medium, good or excellent qualities.

Buy lace from wire town
Lattice net is one of the types of metal nets available in the market that has many applications but is not as well known as fence nets. It may be appropriate to use this net for your intended use, but due to lack of knowledge, this net should not be selected. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get advice from the sales experts of Qahramani wire industry. You can call 33262711-017 and 33262710-017 to know the price list and buy it.

 Galvanized lace fence

Galvanized lace fence

Lace is a widely used type of net that is very similar to the bird net and gabion net in terms of ap..

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